Wars over Oil-Im sick of it

Sick and Tired of my Brothers and Sisters being hurt or killed for OIL


US Soldiers saving fellow soldier in battle over OIL
photo copied from fellow Blogger 

Did anyone else see the#lateshowwithdavidletterman last night 3/3/14  with the #Army #Soldier ?  If you didn’t see the show here is the You Tube Video

 Props to the Medical Team and the Soldiers positive attitude.

Here is a Youtube video link of the interview with David Leterman 

Edited and copied from G+ post: now that I’m back on my comp I’ll add a little more to what I felt was one of the best interviews of the past few months.  This Soldier was injured when a roadside bomb exploded by the truck he was in- and his arms and legs were amputated because of the damage.

It was reported that those Kick-Ass doctors performed double arm reattachment from Donor supplied body parts.  Though the #USARMY Soldier was in a wheel chair during the show, they have been working with him to fit him with some new legs and in a few months they expect him to be going about New York on foot and not needing the wheel chair!

I’ll be honest this #WarHero has a better attitude than I do.  I don’t know if I could have kept the positive attitude after loosing my arms and legs. During the commercial I commented to my girl that his ordeal was what #Metalica wrote and sang about years ago with the Hit Song ONE.    Luckily and thankfully Medical Science is helping him and others that were injured fighting a #WarOverOil in a land far away.

I’d like to point out that the USA has the know-how and technology to limit and reduce the amount of Oil we consume and are forced to buy from the Middle East.  I feel this is a step in limiting the resources that these Countries have and are using to kill and hurt the American Soldiers.

To put it simply: Limiting the cash flow will lessen the amount of $$$ they can spend fighting and if the USA is not dependent upon foreign oil we will become a sustainable nation once again .

To all the Soldiers that were injured in #WarsOverOil–I’m truly sorry that our Government efforts led by#republicanlies by #RepublicanWarMongers put you in this situation.

I’m sick and tired of my brothers and sisters being hurt and killed for OIL.To all the Soldiers that were injured and died in #WarsOverOil I’m truly sorry that our Government efforts led by#republicanlies by #RepublicanWarMongers put you in this situation

For everyone who says I’m a peace sympathizer or whatever. I joined the Army Long ago to fight in what I thought was going to be a showdown with Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair.   Yeah I was young & dumb and thought the USA was always right.

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