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Solar Impulse Lands in StLouis Lambert Field


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Solar Impulse Visit at Lambert – St. Louis Int Airport – 6-7th of June 2013

Solar Impulse St Louis, MO

With the severe weather we have been having in the region lately, I have been concerned for the planes and pilots safety for this monumental occasion.  I’m sure that there was some turbulence that the pilot and staff were forced to navigate on the 3rd Leg of the Journey across America from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas to Lambert Field in StLouis.  Nevertheless the plane landed safely and can be viewed at the impromptu hanger that was built for the solar powered plane-41 Banshee Rd 63145

Time Line of the Trip Flight: Dallas KDFW – St. Louis KSTL
  • Pilot: Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman
    Take off time: June 3nd 04:06AM CDT (UTC-5)
    Landing time: June 4th 01:28AM CDT (UTC-5)
    Flight duration: 21h21min
    Average ground speed: 49 km/h (26.3 kt)
    Highest altitude reached: 7,315 m(24,000 ft)
    Flight Distance: 1040 km (~562 NM)

Here is a link to the directions / map for the Solar Impulse viewing at the Lambert Field 

  • Directions:
    • Take 1-170 to Exit 9A Airport Rd.
    • Go west to McDonnell Blvd.
    • Go north (right) to Banshee Rd.
    • Go west (left) on Banshee for approximately .6 miles
    • Signs will be in place at event entrance.
41 Banshee Road, StLouis MO 63145

Viewing Times Thursday and Friday-6-7th of June 2013- While the viewing is free pre-registration is required.

Solar Impulse


St Louis | View map
Come and see Solar Impulse’s solar airplane, HB-SIA, at Lambert – St. Louis International Airport.
Solar Impulse


St Louis | View map
Come and see Solar Impulse’s solar airplane, HB-SIA, at Lambert – St. Louis International Airport.

Keeping the pilot awake- Bertrand landed at Lambert-St. Louis International airport at 01:28 AM CDT (UTC-5), Tuesday June 4th, completing hislongest ever flight (21 hours 21 minutes).
The mobile hangar, a concept developed by Solar Impulse and being used for the first time during a mission, is setup and waiting to welcome the solar aircraft in its cocoon as soon as the Ground Crew haul it off the runway. This inflatable hangar was deployed after the one provided by Lambert-St. Louis was rendered inoperable by violent storms that struck the city and the airport this past weekend.
St. Louis was chosen as the destination for the third leg of this Across America mission for historic and symbolic reasons. St. Louis is best known for the “Spirit of St. Louis” who, piloted by Charles Lindbergh in 1927 completed the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris. This flight was made possible by St. Louis businessmen including the namesake of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, Albert Bond Lambert.
During today’s flight, there were a couple of memorable calls from the ground to the cockpit. This first one was from Erik Lindbergh, Charles’ grandson. They had a chance to discuss the importance of exploration and of inspiring younger generations to take a chance and become pioneers of and for the future. They also got to exchange thoughts on the future of aviation while they spoke about meeting again in Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum under Erik’s grandfather’s “Spirit of St. Louis” and Bertrand’s “Breitling Orbiter”.
The other call was from Alan Nichols, President of the Explorer’s Club. He said he wished he could be up there, with Bertrand. At every stopover, chapters of the Explorer’s Club organized visits to see the solar airplane and they will hold a reception for Solar Impulse in New York City. Flag n°50 of the Club is travelling with André and Bertrand Across America – The same flag travelled to Morocco onboard HB-SIA during the 2012 Crossing Frontiers mission.
The best part of the flight, however, was the incredible response rate we got from Solar Impulse supporters who took to heart the call to “Keep the Pilot Awake”. A campaign launched by our Social Media and Community Engagement manager, Elâ Borschberg, over 600 people (and counting) responded with words of encouragement, via email, to the pilot and, more importantly, jokes to make him laugh.

In keeping with the green and eco friendly nature of theSolar Powered Plane I plan to take my girls grand-kids to the event via the StLouis Metro Transit use the Metro Trip Planner for a green alternative to view the Solar Powered Plane.


Stay Tuned for Further Details on the #Solar Powered Airplanes StLouis Visit.

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Eliminating Solar Panel Fires from Wire Faults


(previously published on Sister Site: http:stlouisrenewableenergy.blogspot.com)

 Solar Panels that utilize the M215 MicroInverters made by Enphase Energy could have stopped the Solar Panel fire before the fire started.

I realize that is a rather boastful statement made by someone who promotes, sells, and installs Solar PV systems for the StLouis Region and chooses to utilizeGreen Building in all their Construction Activities.

But the Great Minds behind [The Next Generation of Microinverter] the Enphase M215 MicroInverters that provide 96% CEC efficiencyequals more energy production also built the M215 MicroInverter with a GFI [Ground Fault Detection Interrupt] shut off.  Similar toGFI Electrical Outlets pictured in the photo below.

GFI-Ground Fault Interrupter Wall Outlet Electrical Plug
Must Have For Safety
GFI Electrical Plugs are required by all USA building codes and are located in your Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry Rooms and other areas close to water sources-
Scotty, Scotts Contracting

All M215 MicroInverters will shut off if there is a fault detected. inside of every microinverter is aGFI (Ground fault detection interrupt) switch and if there is a fault, it will stop exporting power within 30 milliseconds per UL1741 standards. {Scotty Adds- Just Like the GFI electrical plug in your Bathroom and Kitchen works!}

M215 MicroInverter from Enphase Energy
Enphase Energy M215 MicroInverter

The Enphase M215 is the world’s most efficient microinverter.

Based on Enphase’s third generation technology, the M215 incorporates the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver 96% CEC efficiency and a range of patented performance features that maximize the performance of 60-cell solar modules.

In addition, the M215 is light weight and offers a “single-bolt” mounting bracket that makes installation easier than any other inverter on the market.


  • Integrates with Enphase Engage Cable

  • CSA listed per UL 1741/IEE1547

  • Works with 60-cell modules ONLY

  • M215 Metrics

  • 96% CEC efficiency

  • Output power: 215W

  • Recommended max input power: 270W

  • MPPT Range: 22-36V

  • Low-voltage operation capability

    Learn more about the Great Product at the following Links

Here’s my conversation with the Good People of Enphase Energy and links to the Articles about the Solar Fire


“Recently in St Louis, MO a solar panel supposedly caught on fire on the roof of a local school…it hasn’t made much news other than deemed solar fire on school. Could one of your Innovative MicroInverters215 sensed the ground fault and stopped the production of electricity and thus eliminated the fire since it would have stopped creating electricity? There is a few local builders who have been considering adding solar but have raised questions in re. Thank you for your time and assistance. Scotty”

Enphase Energy 1st response:

Hello Scotty,
Thank you for contacting Enphase Energy!
That’s a scary situation! Sorry to hear that it happened!
Safety is one of the aspects of our system that we are very proud of. The old style of solar array uses solar panels in series, which ends up with High Voltage DC wiring. Our Microinverters converter the DC to AC right at each panel, which is inherently safer. Here is a link to our informational page that speaks to our safety, which also has a link to PDF:
Here also is a link to a video demonstration on our YouTube channel, which shows the difference between a DC and AC arc fault:
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Rob Tierney
Inside Sales
Enphase Energy


Thank you for responding to my question.  I’m already a fan of the M215.  Can the M215 sense a ground fault and stop producing electricity?

 “Could one of your Innovative MicroInverters215 sensed the ground fault and stopped the production of electricity and thus eliminated the fire since it would have stopped creating electricity?”

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Enphase Energy (2nd Answer):

Yes! Our Microinverters do detect ground faults and halt production. 
Please let me know if you have any other questions, or if there is anything else I can do to assist. 
Rob Tierney

Enphase Energy (3rd Answer from Contact Form on their website):

Hi Scotty, 
The inverter will shut off if there is a fault detected. inside of every microinverter is a GDFI (Ground fault detection interrupt) switch and if there is a fault, it will stop exporting power within 30milliseconds per UL1741 standards. 
If you’d like to watch the recorded session of the webinar feel free to use the link below. That link will take you to all of the recorded sessions that we have. 

Enphase Energy (4th Answer via a Twitter Post)

Enphase Energy ‏@Enphase
If a phase line drops, units stop producing immediately@stlhandyman @chjch I was just on their site>@Enphase < and asked the same question.

Solar Panel Fire Articles

Solar panels on the roof of Webster Groves High School caught fire today. The fire, which was contained, caused no interior damage. Some water used to put out the fire seeped into a classroom.The cause of the fire has not been determined.

The High School will have classes on Monday.

Like I wrote earlier the Great Minds at Enphase have already factored this safety feature into the Design and Construction of theirInnovative MicroInverter the M215. Couple that with the great and timely feedback from their Websites, Twitter Accounts, and Email Correspondence-

Whats not to Love about the Dynamic and Innovative Products at Enphase Energy!  Scotty provides Free Estimates for Solar Products for the StLouis Area.  Use the following form to schedule your Green Site Evaluation.


Pt1 Spray Foam Insulation-St Louis Brick Buildings

Cost Effective:Energy Conservation for StLouis Brick Buildings

As a provider for Free Green Estimates and Advice in regard to Green Building for St Louis Homes.  I get many requests for my opinion on various construction related home and business requests for: improvements, retrofits, rehabbing buildings, energy conservation, and clean energy resources-by the people of StLouis .

Repairing a Stone or Rock Foundation on Typical StLouis Older Home
Repairing a Stone or Rock Foundation on Typical StLouis Older Home

Since education of Energy Conservation in building science is ignored by many builders in the region and what I feel is what led to a couple of requests for free estimate for: Spray Foam insulation for Interior Brick Walls on St Louis Brick Home.

I strongly urge everyone who is involved in remodeling, retrofitting, weatherizing, or any other construction related project with a StLouis Building review and practice these must do activities when working on the typical StLouis brick or masonry building.

Improper Building or Retrofitting Techniques could lead to: Respiratory Problems, Indoor Pollution, Combustion from Natural Gas Appliances, as well as the further deterioration of your brick building.

View Part 1 of the Spray Foam Insulation Series at these links Spray Foam Insulation StLouis Brick Building or View the Google Cloud Document 

Schedule Scotts Contracting to give you a Free Green Property Evaluation by using the Following Contact Form

DIY Energy Audits and the A-Hah Moment

In the preceding post on-Less Weight Equals More Horsepower I used the comparison on how the US Automakers figured out how to make our Automobiles use less gas by lightening the vehicles weights which increased horsepower which equates into less Petrol needed for operation and how the same principles can be applied to a Buildings Energy Use and Needs. The principles I will be blogging about applies to any building-Residential or Commercial and can be used to give your Bank Account More Horsepower!

Lets start by going room by room and looking around at all the Gadgets/Appliances that are using electricity. Simple DIY Energy Audits -that anyone can perform on your building. Keep in Mind the Following two bullet points when Inspecting the Gadgets and Appliances.

  • What Gadgets or Appliances in your building are always on and consuming energy? This is Vampire Power [i].
  • Rule of Thumb? “ If your appliances are old enough to Vote it needs replaced with a newer Energy Star Appliance. [ii] ”

Here are examples of my energy use for my buildings for my DIY Energy Audit Home Office Location (Home Office).

I performed a Room by Room walk-thru inspecting taking notes of everything that used electricity. (When I’m performing a Computerized Energy Audit using Equest Software I log the information into the program and it does the math for me plus outlines areas for improvement with ROI for all costs involved.) But we’re going Old School on this Energy Audit and you will only need a basic calculator or pen and notepad.

The Benefits of Performing an Old School Energy Audit by hand and figuring things by hand is the A-Hah Moment of Energy Use- you will gain a greater understanding of:

watts of energy, kilo watts, how watts and kilowatts translate into dollars.

Location Time in UseHrs / day Electricity UsedMeasured in watts Vampire PowerYes or No


(Wattage × Hours Used Per Day= total watts )

Cost to Operate in St Louis using Ameren UE combined electricity rate plus service fees =.11/w1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 Watts (total watts ÷ 1000 = Daily Kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption) x $.11= Amount in $.
Bedroom 1(hours per day spent sleeping 8.7)
Clock Radio 24 10 yes 240 0.26
TV 4 133 yes 532 0.53
VCR DVD 2 20–25 yes 50 0.05
2-Lights- 3 bulbs ave 65 W 4 260 no 1040 1.4
Fan 8.7 65 no 565.5 0.57
Bedroom 2 [which has dual functions in my Residence as Home Office and
Dining Room]
Clock Radio 24 10 yes 240 0.24
Lights-1 overhead with 2 light bulbs-2 desktop lights Ave W of 40×3= 120 w 4 120 no 480 0.48
Computer [i] 1- 200w=800w 4 200 no 800 0.8
Laptop Computer 2 1 60 no 60 0.6
Tablet Computer 0.5 22.5 no 11.25 0.01
Internet Access [ii] 24 1.22 yes 29.28 0.03
Living Room-Lights w/2 Situational Lights 120 w Total 2 240 no 480 0.48
Living Room 1 Overhead w/ 2 light bulbs 120w total 2 120 no 240 0.24
TV 2 133 no 266 0.27
VCR/DVD 2 20-25 yes 50 0.05

  • Over Head Lights
4 100 no 400 0.4
KitchenGas Stove with Pilot light Zero Electricity DemandRefrigerator Number 1 in-use 100%

Wall Clock- Batteries Zero Electricity Demand

Coffee Maker:




0 0 no 0 0
24/3=8 725 yes 5800 0.58
0 0 no 0 0
2 1000 no 2000 0.2
1 1500 no 1500 1.5
4 360 no 1440 1.4
1 1000 no 1000 1

  • Lights
12 100 no 1200 1.20
Laundry Room

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Lights 2-120w total
2 400 no 800 0.8
4 3000 no 12000 1.32
1 120 no 120 0.12
Mechanical Room:

  • Furnace 50% use 3 hrs / day
  • Water Heater Gas
3 750 No 2250 0.25
0 0 0 0 0

  • Lights 2-120w=240w total
10 2400 no 24000 2.4


Here are some examples of the range of nameplate wattages for various household appliances

  • Aquarium = 50–1210 Watts
  • Clock radio = 10
  • Coffee maker = 900–1200
  • Clothes washer = 350–500
  • Clothes dryer = 1800–5000
  • Dishwasher = 1200–2400 (using the drying feature greatly increases energy consumption)
  • Dehumidifier = 785
  • Electric blanket (Single/Double) = 60 / 100
  • Fans
    Ceiling = 65–175
    Window = 55–250
    Furnace = 750
    Whole house = 240–750
  • Hair dryer = 1200–1875
  • Heater (portable) = 750–1500
  • Clothes iron = 1000–1800
  • Microwave oven = 750–1100
  • Personal computer
    CPU – awake / asleep = 120 / 30 or less
    Monitor – awake / asleep = 150 / 30 or less
    Laptop = 50
  • Radio (stereo) = 70–400
  • Refrigerator (frost-free, 16 cubic feet) = 725
  • Televisions (color)
    • 19″ = 65–110
    • 27″ = 113
    • 36″ = 133
    • 53″ – 61″ Projection = 170
    • Flat screen = 120
  • Toaster = 800–1400
  • Toaster oven = 1225
  • VCR/DVD = 17–21 / 20–25
  • Vacuum cleaner = 1000–1440
  • Water heater (40 gallon) = 4500–5500
  • Water pump (deep well) = 250–1100
  • Water bed (with heater, no cover) = 120–380

FORMULA FOR ESTIMATING ENERGY CONSUMPTION-Use this formula to estimate an appliance’s energy use:

  • (Wattage × Hours Used Per Day) ÷ 1000 = Daily Kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption

1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 Watts

Multiply this by the number of days you use the appliance during the year for the annual consumption in kWh per year.


Multiply the annual consumption in kWh per year (that you calculated above) by your local utility’s rate per kWh consumed to calculate the annual cost to run an appliance. Note: To estimate the number of hours that a refrigerator actually operates at its maximum wattage, divide the total time the refrigerator is plugged in by three. Refrigerators, although turned “on” all the time, actually cycle on and off as needed to maintain interior temperatures.


Window fan:
(200 Watts × 4 hours/day × 120 days/year) ÷ 1000
= 96 kWh × 11 cents/kWh
= $10.56/year

Personal Computer and Monitor:
Watts + 150 Watts) × 4 hours/day × 365 days/year] ÷ 1000
= 394 kWh × 11 cents/kWh
= $43.34/year

What is the Best Defense to fight these upcoming high summertime cooling bills? Energy Conservation is the best defense and will provide the Fastest ROI- Return on Investment for your $Money$.

i http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/computers.html

ii446 Kw/ year / 365= 1.22 source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/us/26cable.html?pagewanted=1&_r=2&ref=energy-environment&adxnnlx=1309172425-vWWbjwsKwmR0zJvE%20C7U5Q&

i Vampire Power

Certificate of Completion-Residential Energy Auditor Training for Scotty-Scotts Contracting
Certificate of Completion-Residential Energy Auditor Training for Scotty-Scotts Contracting

ii  rules of thumb on Energy Conservation as taught by ICast .

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Less Weight Equals More Horsepower

To use a Building as an example: less weight on your Energy Bills equals more Horsepower for your Bank Account!

and the same principle can be applied to your Home or Business.

Everyone who has driven a car or truck built in the Late 70s or early 80s knows that gas was cheap-car and truck motors were gas guzzling monsters.

I can remember Ford and Chevy Pickups that got a whopping 8 mpg regardless of whether the trucks were loaded down with Farm Goods or NOT.

During the first fossil fuel crunch of the late 70s GM, Ford, and Dodge realized changes were needed and started developing cars that used less gas. They made the transition to lighter cars because:

Less Weight Equals More Horsepower.

This translates into less energy needed to move the vehicles or less Gas. (although I was just an infant in the 70s my Father has told me that this energy efficiency thing is old news to him…and a repeat of old news-by the Politicians and News Reporting Agencies) Thankfully with: Greater Technology mankind has taken these old stories and made them into the-

New Hip Thing To Do-

Energy Conservation and Creating Clean Energy from Renewable Sources.

The same thing is happening all over the World. Many countries are moving to Alternative Energy created from-Wind, Geo-thermal, and Solar. Since Going Green and Living a Sustainable Lifestyle has been adopted by all walks of life in every corner of the World.

More and more Countries have adapted to this new technology and embracing the Sustainable Culture that is shaping our Future.

Whether or not a Country can be called hip or not is left for the Debaters. What is hip to me is that the actual People made up of:

Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and all the other walks of life-

who make up a country have realized that: Being Green is the Hip thing to do-for numerous reasons!

Here in the St Louis area. One of the most answered question as to why a client wants to join the Clean Energy Revolution is their

Extreme Dislike of Ameren UE-(the Company who provides the St Louis Area with our Electricity).

What surprises me most is that it many times is not because Ameren:

burns coal to generate our electricity-the greatest source of CO2 that is damaging our Climate and Disrupting the Natural Weather Patterns.

Its because of the way they treat the citizens of St Louis. Poor Service, Numerous Power Outages, the Choke Hold they have on the Missouri Lawmakers, and Outrageously High Energy Bills.

So what is the Best Defense to fight these upcoming high summertime cooling bills?

Energy Conservation is the best defense. I’m going to share the main secrets to Energy Conservation in an upcoming Green Blog Post.

What many Energy Auditors charge your for.  I am going to freely share how you can get More Horsepower for your $money$

and the rules of thumb that apply to saving energy in-

any building

any home


any business.

We can build a Green and Sustainable USA with American Made Materials for your Building Projects and use American Made Solar PV Systems to power your Building! Scotty

Conserving and Creating Energy has new wings and is coming to places near you.

Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy supports American Business by Buying American Products
Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy supports American Business by Buying American Products

Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy Business Locations

Google Map-Local Place Listing Locations and Services for Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy


Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card
Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy <scottscontracting> wrote:

Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy offers the Following Services for Home and Business

Specializing in Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Projects with
Energy Reducing Resources and On-Site Solar PV Clean Energy Systems
for the St Louis Region

Scotts Contracting has a crew of skilled craftsman that are available and willing to handle your building projects whether its a bath or kitchen remodel, major rehab for investment property, or the basic home repair project.

You will find the Services at Scotts Contracting are: Affordable Punctual Experienced

Building Improvements

  • Job Site Photos of many of the projects that Scotts Contracting has been a part in.
  • Remodel Rehab Services are available for the St Louis Region
  • Investment Property Rehab-Protect your bottom line with proven Design Build techniques that will translate into greater Tenant satisfaction
  • Repair Services-Scotts Contracting realizes that sometimes the cost to build new are not in the budget and can fix and repair many of the Issues that are needed for the home.
  • Interior Carpentry-This is the first step in building a functional space that is both pleasing and

CAD Designs for every project

Interior and Exterior

Kitchen and Bath

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels that meet your Budgeting Concerns
  • Kitchen Project Photos-Photos taken from a kitchen remodel in the South Hampton Region- Coffered Ceiling, Plumbing Stack, Garbage Disposal, New Sink-Cabinets-LED lighting-Counter Top, Accent and Under the Counter Accent Lights

Weatherization and Energy Conservation

Energy RatingMissouri Home Energy Efficiency Statts Insulation for your Home


Home Foundations

Exterior Finishes

Concrete with Decorative Concrete Finishes

Drywall Installation and Finishing

  • Benton Project– See how we brought the Old Western-Old South St Louis Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment
  • Law Office Project-As well as installing French Doors with Dual Action Saloon Door Hinges, we also remodeled the Reception Area as well as the addition of 2 new offices-Network Closet-Small Kitchen for the Staff- as well as an Energy Efficient Point of Demand Water Heater!

Flooring Options

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27 January, 2013 10:42

Introducing the NewPower™ Standard

the World’s First: Triple-Redundant Alternative Power System For Homes and Business

 Your Building will never lose power again with this robust power system

  • 4500 Watt Solar Power Generation

  • 8000 Watt Line-Interactive Inverter / Battery Back-up UPS / Power Center

  • 8000 Watt Stand-by Generator to refresh the battery supply until the sun comes up or the grid is restored

Learn more about the system in the Next Post- https://scottscontracting.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/introducing-the-newpower-standard/ or Check out the NEW POWER WEB PAGE



Solar Equipment-Typical St Louis Home-CAD Designs


CAD Examples and Components Needed for a Typical Roof Mount Solar System
provided by Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy

CAD Diagram-Exterior View of Materials Needed-Typical Solar System



CAD Diagram-Interior View of Materials Needed-Typical Solar System




A solar inverter, or PV inverter, converts the ‘Suns Rays’ variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic(PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network [home]. It is a critical component in a photovoltaic system, allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances. Solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with photovoltaic arrays, including maximum power point tracking and anti-islandingprotection.

Solar PanelsA solar panel (also solar module, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each panel is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions, and typically ranges from 100 to 320 watts. The efficiency of a panel determines the area of a panel given the same rated output – an 8% efficient 230 watt panel will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt panel. Because a single solar panel can produce only a limited amount of power, most installations contain multiple panels. A photovoltaic system typically includes an array of solar panels, an inverter, and sometimes abattery and or solar tracker and interconnection wiring.
Smart MeterMonitoring and meteringThe metering must be able to accumulate energy units in both directions or two meters must be used. Many meters accumulate bidirectionally, some systems use two meters, but a unidirectional meter (with detent) will not accumulate energy from any resultant feed into the grid.[13]In some countries, for installations over 30kWp a frequency and a voltage monitor with disconnection of all phases is required. This is done to prevent supplying excess power to the grid, in the unusual case where more solar power is being generated than can be accommodated by the utility, and can not either be exported or stored. Grid operators historically have needed to provide transmission lines and generation capacity. Now they need to also provide storage. This is normally hydro-storage, but other means of storage are used. Initially storage was used so that baseload generators could operate at full output. With variable renewable energy, storage is needed to allow power generation whenever it is available, and consumption whenever it is needed. The two variables a grid operator have are storing electricity for when it is needed, or transmitting it to where it is needed. If both of those fail, installations over 30kWp can automatically shut done, although in practice all inverters maintain voltage regulation and stop supplying power if the load is inadequate. Grid operators have the option of curtailing excess generation from large systems, although this is more commonly done with wind power than solar power, and results in a substantial loss of revenue.[14] Inverters have the unique option of supplying reactive power which can be advantageous in matching load requirements.[15]

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CAD Designs for Adding a 2nd Story Addition on a 1 story Building

CAD Options Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting

Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting-Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 2nd Floor Room Addition-Additional Green Features: Photovoltaic Solar System- Passive Solar Design for Natural Day-lighting thru a bank of windows on the West Wall.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 2nd Floor Room Addition-Green Features: Photovoltaic Solar Sytem- Passive Solar Design for Natural Daylighting

CAD All Stucco Option for 2nd Floor Room Addition Designed by Scotts Contracting
CAD All Stucco Option for 2nd Floor Room Addition Designed by Scotts Contracting

Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting- Client Option Brick and Stucco

All Brick Masonry Design Option
Design Build Masonry Option for adding a 2nd Story onto a 1 story building. Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting

Designed by Scotty-Siding and Brick option for building a 2nd story on a 1 story building

Help Support Renewable Energy in St Louis

Because, it’s healthier for the environment and people than pollution from power plants? Because a diverse energy portfolio protects ratepayers from steep rate hikes and fosters competition that keeps electric rates low? Or because installing solar panels and wind turbines creates good jobs that can’t be outsourced and will grow our economy?

Establishing a strong Renewable Energy Standard in Missouri will do all of the above, and more—but we need your help now collecting voter signatures to put this issue on the November ballot.

The deadline is in early May, so don’t wait! Please sign up to attend one of two trainings to collect signatures for this crucial ballot initiative.

Thursday, March 22, 6pm-7pm: Thornhill Branch St. Louis County Library, 12863 Willowyck Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63146. (Off of Fee Fee Rd. between Olive and Bennington, across from Parkway North High School. We will be in either the main reading room or small conference room).

Tuesday, March 27, 7pm-8pm: Missouri Coalition for the Environment, 6267 Delmar Blvd, Suite 2E, University City, MO 63130 (in the Delmar Loop).

Be sure to RSVP so that we can have adequate materials on hand; call jill. Thanks!

Jill Miller
St. Louis Regional Organizer
Renew Missouri
(314) 359-4697

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