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Solar Power Feedlot Sun Shade

SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade

Do you have a Livestock Feedlot?  Have you ever considered a Solar Power Feed Bunk Cover Shade for your feedlot?  With a clean energy solar system such this CAD Solar System design by Scotty you will be not only providing cover and shade for your livestock when they are feeding, it will generate income from the Sun for your operation.

The Solar Feed Bunk Cover Shade in these pictures is designed with American SunPower Solar Panels, covers 4000 sq feet, and is estimated to produce 59,680 watts of clean pollution free energy (based on 230w panels that produce 14.92 w/sq ft- (Other higher Output power producing solar panels are available-I used the 230w solar panels since they were already integrated into my computer drafting program from past Solar Projects I’ve designed.  To get the most bang for the buck I recommend the 300 or 400 watt solar panels )

The following CAD designs are examples of the Solar Power Feedbunk Cover – Shade designed by Scotts Contracting-StLouis Renewable Energy that could be added to your existing structure or could be site built to fit your cattle feeding operation.  This example uses my Fathers Missouri Beef Cattle Operation.

 Solar Power Feedbunk Cover Shade designed by Scotts Contracting-StLouis Renewable Energy
 Solar Power Feedbunk Cover – Shade 
The Solar Power Feed Bunk Cover Shade can be added to an existing beef cattle feedlot such as the one pictured below.
If an existing Feedlot shading system is not already in place it is possible to design build a Solar Power Shade to fit over your existing feed bunks.
it is possible to design build a Solar Power Shade to fit over your existing feed bunks
it is possible to design build a Solar Power Shade to fit over your existing feed bunks
Birds Eye view of the SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade, Cattle Pens, Barns, and Silo
Birds Eye view of the SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade, Cattle Pens, Barns, and Silo
Birds Eye view of the SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade, Cattle Pens, Barns, and Silo
The following Diagram is the Suns yearly path over the SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade
Suns yearly path over the SolarPower Feed Bunk Cover Shade

– See more at: http://stlouisrenewableenergy.blogspot.com/#sthash.ZAc8N8dV.dpuf


Designing a Natural Pool with Fish Habitat

Natural Pool Design Trees 1 b

Designing a Natural Pool with additional fish habitat area for the Sustainable Hemp Home Series.

Top View Natural Pool Design with Fish Habitat
Top View Natural Pool Design with Fish Habitat

Since the Hemp Home Designs are all about Sustainability.  Why wouldn’t the pool be as well and while we are at building a natural pool we might as well incorporate a fish habitat into the natural pool design.  This will allow the pool to serve as a food source in addition to the entertainment value.

Birdseye view Natural Swimming Pool Design
Birdseye view Natural Swimming Pool Design

Tips for natural pools supplied by Mother Earth News

Design Information

  • Reserving at least 50 percent of your pool’s surface area for shallow plants, either at one end or in a ring around the sides, eliminates the need for chlorine and expensive filters and pumps. You’ll want to separate the swimming area of your pool and the filtration area, or plant zone (see the illustration in the image gallery).
  • The water needs to circulate continuously for the plants’ roots to cleanse the pool. You also may need to aerate the water so the water organisms’ oxygen needs are met.
Without adequate oxygen, your pool could become stagnant, harboring odoriferous anaerobic bacteria.
  • Besides cleaning the water and making your pool beautiful to behold, the shallow plant zone warms the water quickly and provides habitat for frogs and many invertebrates. They’ll appreciate the shallow water for breeding grounds and repay the favor by eating mosquito larvae.

  • A rim within an inch of the water’s surface keeps plants in their place but allows water from the swimming area to move to the plant zone for filtering, As water passes through the fibrous root structure of the plants, bacteria concentrated on the plants’ roots act as a biological filter, removing contaminants and excess nutrients in the water. Decomposer organisms, also found in the plants’ root zones, consume the bacteria, effectively eliminating underwater waste buildup.

QandA with HEMP Building Expert Greg Flavall Hemp Technologies

Hempcrete Wall Details by Scotty–  Hemp Home Building Plans

Q-n-A with HEMP Building Expert: Mr. Greg Flavall Co-Founder and Technical Director at Hemp-Technologies on the Hemp Home design by Scotty

Hemp Home Wall Detail
Hemp Home Wall Detail by Scotty
Additional Hemp Home Wall Details

Below: Hemp Wall Buttress Design adds support for the Catalan Roof Arches as well as support for the Solar Array!

HempHome Arch Buttress Detail
Hemp Home Catalan Green Roof Connection
Hemp Home Catalan Green Roof Connection Detail by Scotty

Above: Hemp Wall and Catalan Vault Style Green Roof Connection Detail as suggested by Mr Greg Flavall- Hemp Technologies.

HEMP Building Expert: Mr. Greg Flavall Co-Founder / Technical Director Hemp-Technologies

Replied to My Question on Hemp Building:

I’m designing a Hempcrete home and have been looking into a Catalan Style Spanish Roof for a roof system that does not require lumber. Do you think a hempcrete product would replace the concrete the spanish masons use? I’ve started a series of articles on the planned build at: Q and A Greg Flavall Hemp Technologies

Mr. Greg Flavall Co-Founder / Technical Director Hemp-Technologies Answered:

“”having looked at your website and design I’m intrigued. Although we have not done this style of roof I do not see what lime could not do the same as cement in this application- if it were sealed correctly.  Typically we are using Hemp/Lime for walls which is covered with 15-20mm of lime plaster for weather protection on a vertical plane. We install hemp/lime under the roof where it is protected as insulation and in the floor (above grade only) where it can breathe.””

Why would you not consider a green roof cover in this style, much like the Adnams Brewery project in UK completed in 2008? Seems to me a better use of area.

 Scotty added from Google Search for Adnams Brewery:
Greg Flavall
Co-Founder / Technical Director

71 Brougham Street, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand, NZ. 

+64-6-880-0254, USA. +1-828-333-4724,

C. +64-27-910-7855, Skype: galrfai8

Hemp Home Catalan Vaulted Style Roof Waterproofing

In the previous post I have been illustrating how I plan to build the Roof System for the Net Zero Hemp Home.  This post shows how I plan to both Insulate the Catalan Vault Style Roof System and make it water proof.

Solar Array and White Roof Water Proofing on Catalan Vault Type Roof Structure
Solar Array and White Roof Water Proofing on Catalan Vault Type Roof Structure on Scottys Hemp Home
Hemp Home Second Roof Design with Natural Lighting Added
Hemp Home Second Roof Design with Natural Lighting Added
Hemp Home Catalan Vault Style Roof Waterproofing Detail
Hemp Home Catalan Vault Style Roof Waterproofing Detail

I found some additional details in English at this site http://www.mexico-insights.com/judysblog/post/Brick-Lakesidee28099s-Cornerstone-Part-7-The-Roof.aspx.  I am now following the author on Twitter and FB!  I’ll have more info on waterproofing the roof ASAP.  I will also be contacting the Hempcrete Pros for their suggestions in incorporating their product into this system.


See the Youtube Video of how these Spanish Masons Waterproof the Catalan Style Roofs:

Layer on vault compreión Gausa

Designing My Hemp Home

My goal is simple: Net Zero and Affordable

In my quest to promote affordable sustainable buildings has lead me to discover a new building product that provides high R-value for energy efficiency and has the strength of concrete.  Hempcrete the new miracle building material!  Since this will be my retirement home, I realize that to make my limited budget go as far as possible I will need to be:

Net Zero in Energy Consumption and Energy Production and at the same time being

affordable to build on a limited budget.

Most everyone is aware that Living Trees are needed in removing the Carbon Dioxide from the Air and if  you have been to the local lumber yard lately the prices of lumber needed to build a traditional stick built home can be astronomical for the average budget and until insulation is added to the structure they are not energy efficient.

This Hemp Home design I’m working with eliminates a great percentage of Lumber needed in the building process and provides the insulation that will make heating and cooling this home easy and will be affordable!  This is the best of both worlds.

 This Hemp Home Design is all about Sustainability and will not sacrifice the Comfort Levels that I require.

Hemp Home Design 1
Hemp Home with Catalan Style Roof- No Lumber Needed!
Hemp Home with Catalan Style Roof- “No Lumber Needed for Roof Structure”
  • The above photo is a Catalan or Boveda Vault Style Roof.  When I watched this You Tube Video of the Spanish Masons in action; I realized that this was the solution to building a roof and ceiling with little to no lumber and it will be energy efficient and save me money on utility costs!   The Exterior water proofing layer has not been added to the design at this stage so that the viewer can the Masonry Work that comprises the Catalan Vault Style Roof System.
Skylights in Boveda Style Ceiling- IMO The best looking ceiling on the market!
Skylights in Boveda Style Ceiling- IMO The best looking ceiling on the market!

Hemp Home-Water Recycling-Water Collection System

The roof also will act as a Water Collection System that allows me to capture and store Rain Water for use in the Hemp Home.  When a filter is added it can also act to provide the clean water needed for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.

The CAD drawing below is option 1 for the layout and design of the Hemp Home.  My girl has already pointed out that I left out: Additional Bedrooms for Visitors and a Fireplace for heat- Luckily we’re in the design stage and not in the build stage of the Hemp Home.  I’m sure this floor plan will change as we narrow down our needs and must haves.

Hemp Home Design 1 by Scotty

Hemp Home Room List

  • 2 Bedrooms- 1 Master Bedroom and 1 spare bedroom
  • 1 1/2 Baths
  • Mechanical Room-Water Collection Point, HVAC Air Handler, Solar Inverter, Storage, Radiant Floor Heating
  • Green House
  • Mud Room
  • Dining Room / Living Room
  • Kitchen with Eat In counter

NOTE: These are not my final design plans stay tuned for additions and alterations to this Hemp Home Design as well as Build Notes on how and why I’ve chosen to build my future home with Hempcrete.

The fast growing  Hemp Plant will enable me to Grow and Build a Hemp Home in 2 years!

My plans are to build this home in a rural setting where I can plant and grow a field of hemp to build this home. (If we decide to build in a City Setting I will purchase the Natural Hemp Fibers).  While the Hemp is growing in the first year I will build the Stone – Rock Foundation for the home.   After the Hemp field has grown, harvested, and prepped for building- I can then start building the walls of the home with a move in date in year 2!

If Hemp Building isn’t a solution to replacing the lumber needed for

building an energy efficient home I don’t know what is! Scotty

This type of Vaulted Roof Building is not new- Spanish Masons have been building these type of structures for years.  See Mexico Insights:
Facts, Figures, Folklore & Fiestas
 at: http://www.mexico-insights.com/judysblog/post/Brick-Lakesidee28099s-Cornerstone-Part-7-The-Roof.aspx

Ask a Builder-How would you build your retirement home?

My retirement home will be a Hemp Home!  I feel a Hemp Home addresses the main issue facing mankind today co2 emissions without sacrificing comfort needed in both energy and lifestyle choices.

To ensure that my retirement income will provide the needed security as I age in place my hemp home will enable me to use natural resources in the building of the energy efficient structure-controlling costs in the build and the future energy costs.

 Taking pointers from the first American Settlers:  I will build my home from the land and use as many natural resources as possible.

I will use stones and rocks in the building of the Rubble Foundation that will support the Hemp Wall Construction.

I will grow and harvest the Hemp needed to build the walls-using Hempcrete-a natural lime based binder.

I plan to use a combination of Post and Beam – Timber Frame Construction techniques.


Canadian Solar Panels for electricity


Comfort-Sustainability-Natural Resources-Are just 3 areas that critical attention is given to in this sustainable design.

  1. Netzero or better energy production from Solar Panels for electricity needs

  2. Rainwater and Greywater Recycling for water need

  3. Energy Conscious Build Technique

Rainwater and Greywater Recycling


Electric Radiant Floor Heating


Hempcrete will be utilized in the flooring and walls.


Hemp Building addresses the issue that  plagues traditional building techniques when the cost of carbon emissions is factored into the manufacturing process of the needed building materials. Scotty


p dir=”ltr” style=”padding-left:30px;”>I’ve been toying around with using the Catalan Vault Construction build technique of Spanish Masons to construct the roof.   [When I watched this youtube video of the Spanish Masons I realized that I can reduce the lumber needed to construct the roof and then by adding a slurry of hempcrete to the top of the roof I will have the strength needed to protect my home from the elements and provided the water barrier needed.]

To be continued- future posts will include: Design Plans, Material Lists, Hemp growing techniques, Hemp Harvesting, Timberframe construction, Hempwall Building, and more.

Pt1 Spray Foam Insulation-St Louis Brick Buildings

Cost Effective:Energy Conservation for StLouis Brick Buildings

As a provider for Free Green Estimates and Advice in regard to Green Building for St Louis Homes.  I get many requests for my opinion on various construction related home and business requests for: improvements, retrofits, rehabbing buildings, energy conservation, and clean energy resources-by the people of StLouis .

Repairing a Stone or Rock Foundation on Typical StLouis Older Home
Repairing a Stone or Rock Foundation on Typical StLouis Older Home

Since education of Energy Conservation in building science is ignored by many builders in the region and what I feel is what led to a couple of requests for free estimate for: Spray Foam insulation for Interior Brick Walls on St Louis Brick Home.

I strongly urge everyone who is involved in remodeling, retrofitting, weatherizing, or any other construction related project with a StLouis Building review and practice these must do activities when working on the typical StLouis brick or masonry building.

Improper Building or Retrofitting Techniques could lead to: Respiratory Problems, Indoor Pollution, Combustion from Natural Gas Appliances, as well as the further deterioration of your brick building.

View Part 1 of the Spray Foam Insulation Series at these links Spray Foam Insulation StLouis Brick Building or View the Google Cloud Document 

Schedule Scotts Contracting to give you a Free Green Property Evaluation by using the Following Contact Form

All About Comfort

Simple Comparison of Clothes to a Buildings Envelope

Author:Scotty, Scotts Contracting-StLouis Renewable Energy 4/2/13

If you are reading this I’m going to assume that you aren’t a google bot or bing bot and wear clothes in your daily activities.  You are an actual human being who wears clothes.  

Besides the obvious fact we wear clothes to cover our nakedness.  

We humans wear clothes for protection: protection for our bodies: from the heat, from the cold, from rain and snow-summed all up from the Elements.  

We protect ourselves with clothes against the Climate and Elements we live in.

Just as you wear clothes to protect yourself from the elements the various parts of a properly constructed energy efficient building are there to protect it from the elements while keeping the inhabitants comfortable.

While it may sound complex in Nature it’s really rather simple in content when talking about a Building.

The simple comparison in how warm and dry an Insulated Wind Breaker is to a Simple T-Shirt.   

The Windbreaker stops the Cold Air from reaching your skin and the Insulation is the stuff that keeps the cold from creeping close to your body.  

  1. While a T Shirt lets in both Air and Cold thus failing to keep you warm and dry. (This is the Framing of your Building. )
  2. A Sweatshirt will help seal out a little cold but not for long. (This is the Insulation in your Building. )
  3. But when a Windbreaker is put on over the Sweatshirt and T-Shirt it is such relief to be warm- almost anything is tolerable when in a Cold Windy Environment. (This is the Air Barrier in your Building.)
  4. Caps or Hats (The roof of your Building see upcoming post-seeking sponsors)
  5. Shoes and boots (The Foundation / Basement of your Building see upcoming post-seeking sponsors)

Examples 1 thru 5 when applied to a Building is your Buildings Envelope or Outer Shell.

The buildings we live and work in need protection too. Just as you will add layers against the cold to stay warm in today’s extreme climate. Your Building needs the same protection against the Elements of Heat and Cold.

The best protection against the Elements cold and heat from entering your building is: Insulation.

R 16 Unfaced Wall Insulation as used in Benton Rehab Project
R 16 Unfaced Wall Insulation as used in Benton Rehab Project

Insulation is your Number One Source for keeping your building’s energy consumption as low as possible while staying comfortable.

 Insulation keeps the Heat and Cold from creeping in your Building.  

While building Insulation comes in many forms it basically performs the basic action that I mentioned above when talking about wearing a sweatshirt.  

Insulation is there to keep out the heat and cold that make life uncomfortable– (to include the uncomfortable feeling you get when you pay your local monthly Gas and Electric utility bills- for the over priced services they provide your building.)

Just as the Windbreaker stops the Wind from interfering with your body. Example of Air Barrier used in Benton Rehab Project The Air Barrier does the same for your Home or Office.  Normal construction techniques have various Air Barriers All of which are designed to eliminate and reduce the cold or warm air from entering and leaving your Building.  This is the second most crucial step in protecting a building against the Elements of heat and cold.

So what is the T-shirt used in this examples place in a building.  The T Shirt in this example is the Buildings Walls and Roof.  See the bare wall in this photo of the Benton Rehab Project
Bare Wall Stud Framing with No layers of Protection from the Elements
Bare Wall Stud Framing with No layers of Protection from the Elements
 while the crew and I were rehabbing this building in St Louis.  This is the framing without layers of Insulation or Air Barrier.  It’s obvious that these walls will not keep out any heat or cold.  Just as a t-shirt performs.
The Air Barrier and Insulation coupled with a few other areas of your building is your Buildings Envelope.

Scotty, Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy 4/2/13

Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy  is  your local St Louis Green  and Sustainable Builder- Providing Affordable  Punctual and  Experienced General Contracting Services for the St Louis Region.  

Let us show you that Green Building Doesn’t Cost it SAVES!!!!


Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy Business Locations

Google Map-Local Place Listing Locations and Services for Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy


Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card
Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy <scottscontracting> wrote:

Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy offers the Following Services for Home and Business

Specializing in Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Projects with
Energy Reducing Resources and On-Site Solar PV Clean Energy Systems
for the St Louis Region

Scotts Contracting has a crew of skilled craftsman that are available and willing to handle your building projects whether its a bath or kitchen remodel, major rehab for investment property, or the basic home repair project.

You will find the Services at Scotts Contracting are: Affordable Punctual Experienced

Building Improvements

  • Job Site Photos of many of the projects that Scotts Contracting has been a part in.
  • Remodel Rehab Services are available for the St Louis Region
  • Investment Property Rehab-Protect your bottom line with proven Design Build techniques that will translate into greater Tenant satisfaction
  • Repair Services-Scotts Contracting realizes that sometimes the cost to build new are not in the budget and can fix and repair many of the Issues that are needed for the home.
  • Interior Carpentry-This is the first step in building a functional space that is both pleasing and

CAD Designs for every project

Interior and Exterior

Kitchen and Bath

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels that meet your Budgeting Concerns
  • Kitchen Project Photos-Photos taken from a kitchen remodel in the South Hampton Region- Coffered Ceiling, Plumbing Stack, Garbage Disposal, New Sink-Cabinets-LED lighting-Counter Top, Accent and Under the Counter Accent Lights

Weatherization and Energy Conservation

Energy RatingMissouri Home Energy Efficiency Statts Insulation for your Home


Home Foundations

Exterior Finishes

Concrete with Decorative Concrete Finishes

Drywall Installation and Finishing

  • Benton Project– See how we brought the Old Western-Old South St Louis Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment
  • Law Office Project-As well as installing French Doors with Dual Action Saloon Door Hinges, we also remodeled the Reception Area as well as the addition of 2 new offices-Network Closet-Small Kitchen for the Staff- as well as an Energy Efficient Point of Demand Water Heater!

Flooring Options

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CAD Bar Designs-Before Photos with CAD Drawing

In this design-build project for Shady Jacks Saloon in Downtown St Louis Mo.  The Owner-Shady Jacks has 3 Main Goals for this project: 1-Create User Friendly Area for the Staff; with the addition of Racking Space for the Latest Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverage Dispensers; 2-Create Eye Appealing Backdrop for the Bar; 3-As always the Renovation must blend in with the current surroundings.

What: Design Build Project-Bar Design
Where: Shady Jacks-1432 North Broadway, St Louis MO, 63102
When: February 2013
Type: Custom Wood Work and Finishing
Materials: True Dimensional ‘White Oak -Structural Beams’

Build Notes:

  • To control costs we will be using up-cycled lumber from leftover materials from past projects at the Bar.

Additional Note:

  • As a Non-Drinker-I look forward to having a greater selection of non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy when I’m hanging out at the Bar.
  • The previous project-Stage and Extra Seating turned out Great and was a big hit at the last event. At one time during the event; there were 2 Custom Harley Choppers with Stripper Pole Contestants all utilizing the Stage. The Custom Wood Stage held up beautifully and created the perfect atmosphere for the event!
Before Photo 1-Shady Jacks Saloon
Existing Bar Photo
Shady Jacks Saloon Existing Bar Photo 1
Existing Bar Photo 2
CAD Bar Design 1-Designed by Scotts Contracting
CAD Design by Scotts Contracting
CAD Designs by Scotts Contracting Shady Jacks Saloon Bar Build
CAD Bar Design Frontal View
Shady Jacks Saloon-CAD Bar Designs by Scotts Contracting
Birds Eye View of CAD Bar Design by Scotts Contracting

Click Here
: To schedule a Design Build Project with Scotts Contracting please fill in the Contact Form at: http://www.stlouisrenewableenergy.com/contact.html

Additional Project Photos and Details can be viewed at this link:http://www.stlouisrenewableenergy.com/job-site-photos.html

See more at: http://stlouisrenewableenergy.blogspot.com/2013/02/cad-bar-designs-before-photos-with-cad.html#sthash.bIpyGQiD.MjcwPLtp.dpuf

– See more at: http://stlouisrenewableenergy.blogspot.com/2013/02/cad-bar-designs-before-photos-with-cad.html#sthash.bIpyGQiD.dpuf


Twitter (314) 669-5598 Facebook
Web Site: http://stlouisrenewableenergy.com
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