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Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card
Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy Online Business Card

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Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy offers the Following Services for Home and Business

Specializing in Green, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Building Projects with
Energy Reducing Resources and On-Site Solar PV Clean Energy Systems
for the St Louis Region

Scotts Contracting has a crew of skilled craftsman that are available and willing to handle your building projects whether its a bath or kitchen remodel, major rehab for investment property, or the basic home repair project.

You will find the Services at Scotts Contracting are: Affordable Punctual Experienced

Building Improvements

  • Job Site Photos of many of the projects that Scotts Contracting has been a part in.
  • Remodel Rehab Services are available for the St Louis Region
  • Investment Property Rehab-Protect your bottom line with proven Design Build techniques that will translate into greater Tenant satisfaction
  • Repair Services-Scotts Contracting realizes that sometimes the cost to build new are not in the budget and can fix and repair many of the Issues that are needed for the home.
  • Interior Carpentry-This is the first step in building a functional space that is both pleasing and

CAD Designs for every project

Interior and Exterior

Kitchen and Bath

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels that meet your Budgeting Concerns
  • Kitchen Project Photos-Photos taken from a kitchen remodel in the South Hampton Region- Coffered Ceiling, Plumbing Stack, Garbage Disposal, New Sink-Cabinets-LED lighting-Counter Top, Accent and Under the Counter Accent Lights

Weatherization and Energy Conservation

Energy RatingMissouri Home Energy Efficiency Statts Insulation for your Home


Home Foundations

Exterior Finishes

Concrete with Decorative Concrete Finishes

Drywall Installation and Finishing

  • Benton Project– See how we brought the Old Western-Old South St Louis Decor and Feel into a Modern Day Apartment
  • Law Office Project-As well as installing French Doors with Dual Action Saloon Door Hinges, we also remodeled the Reception Area as well as the addition of 2 new offices-Network Closet-Small Kitchen for the Staff- as well as an Energy Efficient Point of Demand Water Heater!

Flooring Options

Twitter (314) 669-5598 Facebook
Web Site:
Job Site Photo Album
Green Blog


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