Fellow Missourians Thanks for signing letter to support Renewable Energy in MO

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 8:35 AM, Erin Noble <enoble@moenviron.org> wrote:

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Prop C – Missouri Renewable Energy Standard

Update and Next Steps


Thank you for signing the letter urging Governor Nixon calling on him to veto SCR1 which undercut Prop C – the Missouri Renewable Energy Standard.  With your help Renew Missouri, The Union of Concerned Scientists, and Environment Missouri delivered 1568 signatures to Governor Nixon.   


The Governor's office responded on February 16 with a letter to the General Assembly.  It says that while the Governor strongly supports renewable energy in Missouri, he will not veto SCR1 because of a technicality that makes the veto moot.


Therefore, the General Assembly has officially removed the "sold to Missouri" provision from Prop C costing Missouri thousands of jobs, millions in economic development, and cleaner air, that results from home-grown, renewable energy.   


But, we are not giving up yet.  There is still the opportunity to reinstate the "sold to Missouri provision" by the end of this legislative session (May 12).    


Representative Jason Holsman, chairman of the new "House Committee on Renewable Energy", has introduced a bill (HB 613) which is a great start towards achieving these goals.   


To successfully reinstate the RES this session, surely the easiest of all the options, we again need your help.

Please tell your legislator to support HB613.  Tell them the Missouri Renewable Electricity Standard must: 

  • Require renewable electricity be sold to Missouri customers to ensure local renewable energy development and job creation 
  • Sets renewable energy target at 15% by 2021 or greater 
  • Include a $2/watt rebate for solar installations.

    Remind them the RES will help diversify Missouri's electric portfolio away from an over-reliance on coal, and thereby protect consumers from the rising costs of coal.

Find your legislators here, email or call your State Senator and State Representative by Monday, and email that you took action.


Thank you for supporting renewable energy in Missouri!


-Renew Missouri


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